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We turn the frustration and anxiety that comes with having to write about yourself into EXCITEMENT.

With our expertise in career development and personal branding of executives and professionals, we create self-marketing documents (resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letter, career bios) that maximize your impact on recruiters, hiring managers, decision makers and boards of directors.

We position you for the next level using your own personal successes, accomplishments and achievements as well as a strong personal brand. You will stand out in a crowd for all the right reasons!

In less than two weeks your frustration and anxiety will be gone!


I excel at articulating your personal brand consistently across all platforms and making sure it hits the right targets, i.e. potential employers, recruiters, clients or other critical audiences. I write resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, career bios and other self-marketing documents.


I can take away the frustration you feel when attempting to tell your story. I can bridge that gap between you and your audience by creating a personal brand and weaving it through each of your documents, so your message hits its intended target, and you get the attention you deserve in the marketplace.


I specialize in creating individually tailored documents that highlight your specific talents and achievements and that capture the attention of your audience, be it a potential employer, a recruiter or a client. I take the time to ensure your resume, LinkedIn profile, career bio, cover letter, etc. tells your unique story.


One of the greatest benefits of working with me is the consultative approach I take with all of my clients. There is a lot of good advice out there, but advice is not one size fits all. You won’t get an echo chamber from me. I distill the best recommendations for you from all the advice to enhance your success.


I deliver on what I say. I believe that everyone, client or not, deserves high touch service, courtesy, responsiveness and the utmost in professionalism. If you would like to discuss working with someone totally invested in your success, contact me

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