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1) Call or email to schedule an introductory chat of 15 minutes maximum to discuss your resume needs and career goals. We will determine which resume level is best for you as well. I will need a copy of your existing resume to reference during our conversation.


2) Once you decide to move forward, we’ll schedule your resume strategy session.


3) You pay for your resume and any other add-on services.


4) I will send you a one-page resume questionnaire to fill out.


5) You complete the questionnaire and return it 24 hours in advance of our scheduled resume strategy session. Order must be paid for and resume questionnaire completed before our scheduled appointment or appointment will be canceled.


6) You and I work collaboratively on strategy, accomplishments identification and results during our scheduled appointment. I will send you a document to prepare for the type of information I will be looking for during your session. Appointment is maximum an hour and a half. Client calls me.


7) After completing strategy session and receiving payment, resume will be delivered in 3-5 business days.


8) We schedule a time to review changes and edits. You may email me any revisions or changes in advance of the appointment.  Revisions are unlimited. I want you to be completely satisfied with the resume.


Any request for revisions made two weeks or more after resume and other applicable documents have been delivered will be billed at $100/hour.

9) Send out your expertly written cover letter, resume and updated LinkedIn profile. Products delivered depend upon package ordered.


10) Watch your interviews increase.


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Does your resume communicate your value to potential employers?


Does your resume position you for the next step in your career?


Does your resume communicate that you are a high performer who gets results?


Does your resume communicate that you are a high performer who gets results?

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