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What is Personal Branding?

Your personal brand is unique to you. Ironically, others may know what your personal brand is before you do. That’s because most of us really don’t think about it. Have you ever taken the time to think about what you bring to the table? Consider your manager, your clients, and your colleagues. What would they say about you? What would you say if you could look at yourself from an outsider’s perspective?


Why does Personal Branding matter?

The important thing to remember is that if you don’t define your personal brand, someone else will. Don’t let someone else define your brand for you!

Once you identify what your unique value proposition is, then you can begin to market yourself to potential employers in a whole new way. You will the gain confidence to go in to interviews ready to answer the tough questions, like “Why should we hire you?” Your personal brand is the justification for why you’re the right candidate for the position, promotion, or even a salary boost in your current role!


Personal Branding on Your Resume

Personal branding can help guarantee that your resume stands out in a crowded marketplace. Recruiters are busy people, especially at larger corporations where they often receive hundreds, even thousands of resumes per week. Do you know how long a recruiter spends deciding on whether to keep your resume or toss it? Six seconds. That’s a statistic worth repeating so pay attention. A recruiter spends approximately six seconds deciding if a job seeker fits the position they are trying to fill. How are you going to make the most of your six seconds? If your answer is to bore them to tears with bullet-pointed job descriptions cut and pasted from your employee handbook, guess where your resume is going to land?

Did I mention recruiters are very busy people? They go blind reading resumes all day, every day. They see the same boring templates, the same cookie-cutter job descriptions, the same worn-out buzzwords designed to attract attention (and they do, but not in the way you hope). I can’t emphasize enough the importance of wowing a recruiter with a resume that screams “I’m the one!” And that’s what personal branding does. In the six seconds a recruiter spends reading your personal branding statements, they will know if the rest of your resume is worth reading. Think of your resume like a book. There might be a great story within the pages, but if it has a boring cover and bad title, how likely are you to pick it up and read it? Make sure the recruiter makes it past your cover so you can tell your story.


Telling Your Story with Personal Branding

At RT&M Group, we work with you in the personal brand discovery process. Your personal brand is a combination of six factors:

  1. What do others say about you?
  2. What do you say about yourself?
  3. What do people experience when working with you?
  4. What can potential employers can expect from you?
  5. What is your unique value?
  6. Who are you targeting?

We partner with our clients to help them see themselves in a whole new way! Because once you know your personal brand, you will be more effective, persuasive and confident.


Personal Branding Goes Beyond Your Resume

At RT&M Group, we understand that a resume is only part of the job search process. Online networking via LinkedIn is a popular choice among top recruiting professionals at some of the largest companies in the world. This means that your personal brand needs to shine in the digital realm as well.

After identifying your unique talents and developing your personal brand on paper, we go to work on your LinkedIn profile, making sure that your personal brand is front and center. From custom-made banner photos to eye-catching headlines, your profile will stand out for all the right reasons!


Personal Branding for Career Success

Our career services are unique in that we make personal branding an integral part of your resume writing, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. We take pride in telling your story and communicating your value to potential employers.

RT&M Group works with professionals from all industries and at all professional levels, from new graduates to executives in the C-suite. We want all our clients to find their dream job and that is why we provide high-quality, personally-branded resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles. We’re in our element when we’re imparting confidence and empowering professionals to take the next step to advance their career.

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