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About RT&M Group

It’s important to know who you’re working with.

I started Resumes Transformed to address the greatest needs of the job seeker in the marketplace. As I networked with various professionals and worked with clients it became apparent that first, many were not satisfied doing what they were doing. Unfortunately they didn’t know where to start when it came to identifying alternative professions, careers and/or industries that would be a great fit for them.

Secondly, many professionals had poorly written, ineffective resumes and seemed daunted by the task of developing a resume that told their story and grabbed the attention of potential employers.

Thirdly, many clients I encountered did not understand effective job search strategy, the variables associated with a job search, i.e. working with recruiters, networking, interviewing and effective resume writing.

Thus Resumes Transformed was born. Resumes Transformed is a resume writing and full-service career coaching business offering career identification testing and analysis, resume writing and cover letter development, LinkedIn support and guidance, networking strategy development, mock interviews, etc.

As a Resume Writer I tell your story and communicate your value to potential employers by writing lean, accomplishment-rich, bottom line resumes that grab the reader’s attention.

As a Career Coach I challenge you to get outside your comfort zone, discover opportunities where you thought none existed and build your confidence so you can knock ‘em dead in interviews.

I have written hundreds of resumes for professionals across many industries including finance, banking, insurance, manufacturing, real estate, human resources, sales, insurance, marketing, engineering, non-profit, healthcare, military and many others. My clients have worked at Goldman Sachs, General Motors, Toyota, American Express, The Limited Brands, Verizon and other international companies. In addition, I have written resumes for ESL clients. Many clients have remarked that their confidence has increased after receiving a resume from me. I see stand out features, skill sets and accomplishments my clients typically don’t see and highlight them in a way that instills greater pride in the resume they send out to potential employers.

I have a diverse background in senior level management within commercial real estate, executive coaching, management of medical assets, human resources and career consulting. From these experiences I gained the skills to write winning resumes uniquely tailored to my clients’ targeted positions. My corporate experience has provided me with the opportunity to interface with professionals from many industries and exposed me to the nuances of their professions enhancing my ability to turn around succinct, consistent, high-quality resumes.

I look forward to hearing from you.

To your success,